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Rug Mark Foundation

Some of our Rugs carry the Rug Mark Foundation Logo, all rugs with this symbol signify it has the rugmark.

The organization was founded on a simple premise: If enough people demand certified child-labor-free rugs, manufacturers will only employ skilled, adult artisans and the exploitation of children in the carpet industry will come to an end.

RugMark recruits carpet producers and importers to make and sell carpets that are made without illegal child labor. By agreeing to adhere to strict no-child-labor guidelines and by permitting random inspections of their carpet looms, manufacturers earn the right to place the certified and individually numbered RugMark label on their carpets. If inspectors find children working on looms, they are offered the opportunity to go to school instead, and producers and importers lose the privilege to use the RugMark label.

When you purchase a rug with the RugMark certification label, you can be assured that:

  • No child labor was used in the manufacture of a carpet or rug.
  • RugMark inspectors have visited the loom or factory where the rug was made.
  • A portion of the price of your rug pays for the education of former child laborers.
  • You are helping to build a market for humanely produced goods and to put an end to the use of illegal child labor.
  • Your rug is beautiful, inside and out.
  • RugMark is making progress. In its first 10 years RugMark has helped to reduce child labor in the South Asian carpet industry by two-thirds